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  • Amanda Cardona

    You can call me...

    San Antonio

    Day Job
    Pre K Teacher

    Favorite Diva

    Favorite Music Video
    God is a woman by Ariana Grande!

    Favorite Emoji
    face palm cause its basically the story of my life lol

    Favorite Food or Cocktail
    Mexican food from Don Pedros and favorite cocktail is a long island from dave and busters

    Favorite Outfit to Slay In
    Black leggings, a sparkly top, a pair of white high top converse, gold hoops and red lip stick

    Dancefloor Jam
    Juicy- dojo cat!

    Fave Beauty Product

    A Secret...
    I'm a super cat lover!!!!

    Personal Mantra
    "The hard days are golden cause they lead to better days!"

  • Anna Mazina

    Bio coming soon
  • Danielle Bonaparte

    You can call me: Danielle or Dani I let people choose cause it interesting to see what comes naturally to them but I like either or it doesn’t matter
    Hometown: Temecula, CA
    Day Job: Prestige Associate at Ulta Beauty, Jazz teacher at Jewel of Arts Dance Studio and if I make the team I’ll be working for the NBA as a Spurs dancer for the San Antonio Spurs Hype Squad.
    Favorite Diva: Beyoncé the queen herself
    Favorite Music Video: “You Rock My World”-Michael Jackson. That video cinematic and dance gold. The choreography and the story. I watch that music video multiple times throughout the year right next to “Bad” by the bad MJ himself of course!
    Favorite Emoji:
    Favorite Food/ Cocktail: Pasta #1 addiction and Potatoe anything / Saint Jermaine w/ Tito’s
    Favorite outfit to slay in: ALL BLACK HEAD TO TOE w/ gold accents and hoops!
    Dance floor Jam: Absolutely anything Beyonce or Cardi B
    Fave Beauty Product: Concealer & Highlight
    My Hashtag is: #soextra
    A secret...: I don’t like cheese on anything AT ALL except pizza. I LOVE pizza. But it’s sad and I wish I liked cheese it would make my life easier lol.
    Personal Mantra: Manifestation is KEY!
  • Judith Gibson

    Hey Ya'll!!!
    You can call me Judith or Judy, I don't necessarily have a preference.
    Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
    Day Job: Receptionist at Reata Real Estate, I'm manifesting my future plan to become a Social Media Influencer
    Favorite Diva: Diana Ross, hands down! But I also like Bey, Cardi and Ari Lennox!
    Favorite Music Video: Definitely Scream by Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson!! Everything about it makes me wanna SCREAM!! lol also Michael Jackson-They don't really care about us (gets me in the feels, but also brings awareness to an ongoing fight for unity! :)
    Favorite Emoji: Kissy Face
    Favorite Food or cocktail: Umm...like everything! I absolutely love to travel around the world and try new foods! As far as my favorite drink; Tequila straight up ;)
    Favorite Outfit to Slay in: Sports bra and Joggers
    Dancefloor Jam: Drip Demeanor by Missy Elliot aaand Magalenha by Sergio Mendes
    Favorite Beauty Product: L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara (It's freaking magic!)
    My Hashtag is: #loveheals #doit!
    A Secret: I write poetry/sing in my spare time and I am building the courage to actually perform them.
    Personal Mantra: Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. <3

  • Kristin Wheeler

    You Can Call Me...: Kris
    Hometown: Grand Prairie, Tx
    Day Job: Elementary Music Teacher
    Favorite Diva: Cardi B or Beyoncé
    Favorite Music Video: I Got You (I Feel Good) Jessie J
    Favorite Emoji:
    Favorite Food or Cocktail: a good smokey scotch
    Favorite Outfit to Slay In: black leggings and a crop top
    Dancefloor Jam: “Que Se Sepa” by Roberto Roena
    Fave Beauty Product: L’Oréal Voluminous mascara
    My Hashtag Is: #livewhatyoulove
    A Secret...: there is an entire sector of San Antonio that only knows me as Rap God.
    Personal Mantra: Life is tough. YOU ARE TOUGHER. Life is persistent. YOU ARE RELENTLESS.