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Danielle Bonaparte

You can call me: Danielle or Dani I let people choose cause it interesting to see what comes naturally to them but I like either or it doesn’t matter
Hometown: Temecula, CA
Day Job: Prestige Associate at Ulta Beauty, Jazz teacher at Jewel of Arts Dance Studio and if I make the team I’ll be working for the NBA as a Spurs dancer for the San Antonio Spurs Hype Squad.
Favorite Diva: Beyoncé the queen herself
Favorite Music Video: “You Rock My World”-Michael Jackson. That video cinematic and dance gold. The choreography and the story. I watch that music video multiple times throughout the year right next to “Bad” by the bad MJ himself of course!
Favorite Emoji:
Favorite Food/ Cocktail: Pasta #1 addiction and Potatoe anything / Saint Jermaine w/ Tito’s
Favorite outfit to slay in: ALL BLACK HEAD TO TOE w/ gold accents and hoops!
Dance floor Jam: Absolutely anything Beyonce or Cardi B
Fave Beauty Product: Concealer & Highlight
My Hashtag is: #soextra
A secret...: I don’t like cheese on anything AT ALL except pizza. I LOVE pizza. But it’s sad and I wish I liked cheese it would make my life easier lol.
Personal Mantra: Manifestation is KEY!
Danielle Bonaparte