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Performance Ensembles

$575 per appointment
Gather your besties (or we'll team you up!) to learn a custom routine where you get to pick the song + choreography style to perform for friends & family at our End of Year Recital on December 10! If interested, submit your info and our Owner will be in touch!

Cost per 4-6 people Ensemble Routine: $575 (includes recital performance, recital recording, 4 x 75 min rehearsals).

Info request form: https://forms.gle/N5TCY1SBaLAWfWM27

Instructor and style options:
Brooklyn - lyrical/contemporary, heels/floorwork, hip hop, jazz, jazz funk, pop
Bree - contemporary, jazz, Broadway, hip hop, heels/floorwork, pop
Bilma - heels/floorwork, hip hop, Latin, chairs/props, pop, jazz
Bri - jazz, jazz funk, hip hop, pop, Latin
Dani B - heels/floorwork, hip hop, jazz, jazz funk, pop, Latin, chairs/props

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